Abuja International Show

A virtual career fair held in Canfield Fair, Ohio, was transformed into an international event when organizers decided to turn the event into a major trade fair.

Organizers say the fair, known as the Fair Game Trade Association, will showcase the latest in technology, design and fashion, and will also be an important part of the national game industry.

A video posted to YouTube by Fair Game Sports, a trade show and trade show-like event sponsored by the Fair Trade Foundation of Canada, showed the fair in full motion.

In the video, a video camera can be seen on a stage as the fair kicks off.

A large crowd of people can be heard cheering.

A sign for the Fair Games event reads “AUSTRALIAN COMPETITION: THE FIRST EVER LIVE TOURNAMENT”The video shows the first ever live tournament taking place in Canfers fairgrounds and includes a live demonstration of the new Razer Blade.

It also shows the opening ceremonies of the 2015 Canfield fair and the opening of the FairGame Sports Expo.

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube.

Fair Game Sports posted on Facebook on Tuesday that the video was taken by the International Trade Association of Canada.

The Fair Game trade association is a trade association for virtual and augmented reality.

Its board of directors includes representatives from over 300 countries.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the group said it is committed to the fair and wants to help the fair go from a hobby to an international business event.

The statement said the event will showcase innovation and technological breakthroughs and showcase new trade-offs between gamers and consumers.

“We look forward to a fair that will bring about the biggest changes for the gaming industry in the last 10 years,” Fair Game said.

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