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We’re all guilty of this bias when it comes to salary.

And while we’ve got some of the best and brightest in the industry, a good chunk of the population is still paid less than their male peers.

In a new study, we find that even the most successful CEOs of big companies are paid just $3,600 less than those of smaller companies.

The study, published in the journal Science, examined data from a variety of corporate data sets, from annual reports to stock splits.

The data covered nearly 1.3 billion people and tracked the salary of all CEOs in the company for seven years.

In total, the average salary for CEO in the study was $16.8 million.

That’s about $8.1 million more than the median for female CEOs.

(The median was $14.3 million.)

For women, the gap in pay was even larger: The average for women was $19.7 million, compared to the $16 million of men.

For men, the salary gap was even wider: $24.9 million compared to $17.5 million.

The findings show that, despite being a great deal bigger in pay, female CEOs still earn less than male CEOs.

It’s not a surprise to find that women are still paid undervalued by their male colleagues, because men are expected to lead the company, which makes the salaries of men easier to evaluate.

While some people may be surprised by the findings, the authors of the study said the data doesn’t mean that female CEOs aren’t being paid a fair amount.

“There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that there are differences in pay across the board,” said the study’s lead author, Daniel Lipsitz, a researcher at Stanford University.

“However, we have not yet shown a clear pattern that is consistently present across companies.

In the future, we might need to conduct studies to address this issue in more detail.”

The findings are in line with other research that has shown that female executives earn less money than male ones.

The study also suggests that women can be overvalued by male colleagues.

For example, in a survey of 4,200 CEOs from more than 200 companies, the research found that the average woman executive was paid $12.5, while the average man executive was $18.3.

The difference could be attributed to differences in seniority, seniority pay, and seniority compensation, Lipsiz said.

For instance, a study from 2014 found that female senior managers were paid nearly twice as much as male senior managers in companies with a senior executive pay ratio of 100%.

Women also tend to be more creative and innovative, which could have a bigger impact on compensation, the researchers said.

And, because most of the executives in the research were from large companies, they tended to have less to show for their careers than CEOs from smaller companies, Linsits said.

While the results of the survey aren’t conclusive, they do suggest that it’s possible that women in the workforce aren’t earning as much, or that pay gaps aren’t as extreme as they appear.

If you want to get an idea of how the pay gap between men and women in America is shaping up, here’s a quick summary of some of our findings from the study.

Women are paid less in every sector of the economy, from education to healthcare, while they’re getting paid less across the economy.

In all sectors, female leaders are paid $16,200 less than men.

In healthcare, women were paid $18,000 less than they were in education.

In the business world, women make less than every other group of workers, including people with college degrees, people with a high school degree or less, and people with advanced degrees.

And there’s a big gender gap in the distribution of those salaries, too: women make $12,000 more than men in the same jobs.

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