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Fair and square.

St. Mark’s Square, the heart of the town’s arts scene, is also home to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Santa Fe River, and the cathedral itself was once the home of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

The square has also hosted the annual St. Patty’s Day parade since 1948.

And when it comes to fair game, St. Mary’s Square is no stranger to the game.

The Square’s fair-game tradition dates to 1894, when St. Peter the Apostle consecrated St. Andrew’s Square to honor the patron saint of commerce.

Fair-game, or fair-hunt, has also long been part of St Mary’s tradition.


Andrew and Peter are said to have hunted in the square before the St. Nicholas statue was erected in 1904.

When St. Paul was buried there in 1885, a fair-gammon tournament was held there, and one of the winners was St. Christopher, who was buried next to Sts Andrew and Christopher.

In the early 1900s, Sts Peter and Paul were invited to take part in a fair game tournament at the Sts Mary’s Cathedral.

The tournament was run by the Bishop of New York, and Sts Paul and Peter won the tournament.

St Peter was buried in St. Ann’s Chapel in St Peter’s Square and St. Catherine of Siena Cathedral.

St Paul’s grave at St. Michael’s Cemetery, St Peter, St Paul, St Catherine, and Saint Peter were interred in St Catherine’s Chapel.

In 1996, St Martin’s Cathedral in New York City’s Upper West Side purchased the St Pauls grave for $6.4 million.

That same year, the cathedral also purchased St. Katherine’s Chapel, which is still in use today.

In 2006, the Cathedral opened its doors to the public, and today, St Thomas More Church holds the St Peter and St Paul statue.

St Patrick’s Chapel is located in the same spot as St. George’s Chapel and St George’s Church, which are now home to Notre Dame.

The cathedral was the site of the first St. Stephen’s Day in 1573.

The chapel is named for the Irish martyr, St Stephen.

The St. Margaret of Arc church, which was built in 1624, was built at the site where St. Catharine’s Cathedral once stood.

St Margaret’s Church was later rebuilt as St Catherine of Alexandria, which stands today as the first cathedral in the United States.

St Catherine was buried near St. Elizabeth’s Church and St Michael’s Cathedral, which have both been closed since 2014.

St Stephen’s Abbey, located in St Marys Church, was founded in 1542 by Thomas More.

The Abbey was the first abbey built by St. Thomas More, and is one of two that remain open today.

St Thomas was canonized in 1592.

He is credited with founding the College of Cardinals and founded the order of monks.

St James the Less was the last bishop to be canonized, and he is also buried in the Cathedral.

For more information on St. Matthew, visit www.stmartinmas.org.

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