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The third installment in Paramount’s sci-fi horror series Monster Fairing is out, and it’s one of the more exciting entries in the series.

The film stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as an unnamed young woman who is recruited by the government to help a group of scientists solve the mystery of the monsters who attacked the fairgrounds in the 1970s.

The plot follows a group who find themselves under attack by the evil creatures known as the Shambler and are forced to flee to the safety of a remote remote island.

 It stars Sarah Gadon as the character known as “Miss Mary”, and Michael Stuhlbarg as a scientist who joins the team.

The film was directed by Justin Kurzel (Halloween) and stars Gellar, Stuhrbarg, and John Krasinski.

“We were looking to make something a little different,” Kurzel told the Hollywood Reporter.

“We didn’t have the budget for the first film.

We had to make a movie where the actors were just on their own.

There’s something special about a young woman going to a remote island, and seeing the creatures and meeting the people, and having to figure out the mystery behind it.

We did a lot of work with [original star] Mary [Gellar] in that movie, and we’ve gotten to really appreciate what she’s done with that character.”

The plot for the third film centers on a group called the Shammlers, who were once a peaceful group who went to a peaceful paradise known as Eden.

Now, they are now known as a band of mad scientists, who use their supernatural powers to control the Earth’s weather.

This third installment will take place in the years between Monster Fair with Monsters and The Fairgrounds, which takes place during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It’s the first time in the franchise that the monsters have gone through a period of transformation since their first appearance in 1973.

Gellar said the film is not the first to have a female lead in a sci-fantasy film.

In the fifth installment of the series, The Fairies, the lead character was a young man named James Gossett.

While Kurzel is still waiting on the film’s directorial debut, he has a few words of encouragement for those wanting to see the film.

“‘I hope it’s fun,’ he says.

‘But I’m not saying it’s bad.

It may not be the best sci-fu movie ever made, but it’s a fun sci-fest, and I love it.

‘It’s a new entry in the genre and there are some really good sci-films out there, and this is a new take on that, and hopefully it’ll have a lot more of an impact than what came before.’

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