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I went to the Texas State Fair in August, and the fair was a lot of fun.

The carnival was fun too, and my daughter had a great time.

But one thing about the fair that was a bit of a disappointment was the “giant fire truck” that ran through the fairgrounds and had to be removed.

This year’s Texas fair had more than a few of these giant fire trucks in the carnival, but I’d never seen one.

It’s true: Texas has been known to get a little rowdy.

At least, that’s how it was during my time at the fair.

My first day at the Texas state house was the second time I’d been to a Texas State fair.

In my freshman year, my family was heading to the state fair.

I wasn’t even at the state house.

My family had the honor of being the first family to arrive at the State Fairgrounds in Austin, Texas.

The first time I ever saw a fire truck was when my father was a child, and it was one of the few things I saw in the statehouse that he still remembers.

My father, a former truck driver and now a firefighter, said, “It was the giant fire truck.”

We were lucky to get to ride the fire truck and watch it go.

The next day, we went to watch the fire trucks go by.

The fire trucks stopped and stood around in a circle, waiting for the fire to come out.

We saw the truck for a while, then it sped off, but the fire was still coming out.

My family didn’t realize what was happening.

The truck went through a lot more than just the fire.

It passed a bunch of cars.

A bunch of people were screaming at each other.

And then the fire came out and the firemen were standing over the truck.

When I got home, I went online and learned that there were more than 1,000 fire trucks at the festival.

The Texas state fire marshal said that every state fair has one or two of these trucks.

But this year, the truck was missing.

So I was left with no other option than to wait until the next day to find it.

On my first day, I got to go watch the truck run.

And it was awesome.

It was the largest fire truck in the world, and they were in the middle of the Texas fairgrounds.

They ran right by us.

They were so far away that I could not even tell where they were.

And they were still running, so I had to watch and wait for the truck to come back.

When it finally did, the fire fighters jumped out and started shouting, “Giant fire trucks, Giant fire trucks!”

My first day on the fire fairgrounds was the third time that I’d seen the fire engine that was running behind the truck that I had seen at the last fair.

There was a fire station nearby, so we stopped by and waited for the next truck.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, we saw that the truck had stopped.

So we went up to the truck and said, “‘Hey, we’ve got a problem here, we need you to stop and wait.'”

So I hopped on the truck, and then the guy from the fire department came out.

He said, ‘There’s a fire in the truck.’

So we all ran to the fire station.

The firefighter told me to get the truck off the fire and that we had a problem.

So, I hopped off the truck again and said that I was on fire.

And that’s when I realized that the fire had started in the fire hose.

The hose was leaking, so the fireman had to take it out.

So when I got back on the train, I realized it was a huge fire.

After the fire started, the firefighters had to run down the main street to the fair grounds, where they’d been given the order to clear the fair of the fire on the hose.

So it was quite a journey.

The fairgrounds were not ideal, and a lot was destroyed.

I didn’t go down to the fires, but there were plenty of photos on the internet of people’s homes being completely destroyed.

Some of the more serious fires, like the one that destroyed the Fairgrounds at Fort Bend, Texas, were so big that they could not be easily extinguished.

So even though the fairground was a big success, there were some people who were hurt, including myself, who were on the fair in the past.

So I went back home to Texas for my sophomore year of college.

This time, I didn.

The last time I went, I took a trip to the Fair.

And I didn, too.

I took my wife and my sister-in-law along with me, because I was the first person