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Alabama’s first official state fair is set to begin Saturday in Tulsa.

But for many in the state, the fair’s end date has been pushed back for years.

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming state fair in Alabama.1.

Where can I go to see the fair?2.

What can I buy?3.

What’s the theme of the fair and when will it begin?4.

Who can enter the fair but not attend?5.

What are the rules?6.

Who’s allowed to get into the fair to sell products?7.

Where are the vendors?8.

How much does it cost?9.

How long is the fair held?10.

Is there a free ride system?11.

What if I don’t have a car?12.

What else can I do at the fair other than sell food?13.

What about alcohol?14.

How many people can get in?15.

Where is the free rides?16.

Where will vendors be allowed to set up?17.

What happens to all the cars and tents at the state fair?18.

What will happen if the fair is cancelled?19.

What is the refund policy for the state’s largest fair?20.

Can I still take my car to the fair in the future?21.

Will my car be towed?22.

How do I report a broken car?23.

What do I do if my vehicle gets towed?24.

How does the state of Alabama handle tickets at the Alabama state fairs?25.

What should I do after my vehicle is towed?26.

What other ways can I take my vehicle to the state Fair?27.

How will the state maintain its fairs security and equipment?28.

How can I avoid getting caught in traffic?29.

What changes can I expect to see at the next Alabama state show?30.

How to buy food and drinks at the Alabamians largest food and beverage fair?31.

What kind of drinks can I bring to the Alabama Fair?32.

Can we expect a huge turnout at the 2018 Alabaman state fair??