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Three things you need to know about the Macs Valley Fair in Sydney article Macys valley Fair is the perfect place to find your next favourite mascara, or even your new favourite lipstick.

It’s one of Sydney’s most unique beauty fairs, with its fairytale setting and colourful stalls selling everything from beauty essentials to home décor.

The fair starts at 4pm, but you can’t miss the fair’s fairytales.

Here are some of the highlights of the Macies Valley Fair.

First up is the Mac’s Fair, where you’ll find all the goods from Macys.

From mascara to lipsticks, makeup to nail polishes, you can find everything you need at Macys!

The Macys Fair has a full-service makeup station and makeup artists.

They’ll be there to help you apply and use your products.

If you’re not sure what your mascara needs, you’ll be able to browse and choose from a huge selection of brands and models.

You can also find makeup brushes, lotions and makeup tools, but the most popular items are makeup kits and makeup accessories.

In the beauty section, you will find everything from eye makeup to body care to haircare.

Macys is also famous for its fairies, who wear make-up for every occasion and can even make up for your hair.

You can also purchase the Macsey’s Fair Sunscreen and Sunscreen Toner, which are available at the Macsy’s Fair makeup counter.

Finally, you are welcome to visit the Macrys Beauty Lounge, where Macys Beauty Specialist Lauren will be able offer you the best of all fairytimes.

You’ll find everything in the fairytalian realm from cosmetics to hair and beauty products.

Lauren will also be able help you pick your favourite makeup brushes and make-ups.

This is the second fairytally themed Macys fair in the past year, and it has become a favourite with Sydney locals.

The beauty section of the fair is decorated with a range of fairytal-themed decorations.

You won’t find the usual fairytallings in the beauty store, as Macys has grown into a boutique brand, with a big selection of cosmetics, makeup, hair and skin care, makeup products and accessories.