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By CNN Legal Analyst Josh KraushaarA lawsuit brought by the Hollywood film industry has won the right to use portions of “Annie Hall” in an upcoming feature film, but not the entire film.

The film “Anchorman: The Legend Continues,” which opens in theaters on May 31, features a scene from “An Annie Hall” with the title, “An anchor in the crowd gets caught in the middle of a brawl and ends up trapped between two police officers and a masked vigilante.”

The filmmakers said the use of the scene was permissible under the fair use clause of the U.S. Copyright Act, which provides copyright holders the right of first use of copyrighted material for noncommercial purposes.

“This is a movie, not a musical or a song, and it’s fair use to use those songs in the film,” Mark Buechler, the film’s creative director, told CNN.

“There are some parts of the film that are very specific, which we wanted to use because it has to do with a very specific time period and certain kinds of people,” he said.

The movie, starring Josh Brolin, will be released on May 21, and Buehler said he hoped that viewers would be able to enjoy the movie for the duration of the movie, but did not rule out that it could be extended for longer periods of time.

He also said that the use was not fair use for a “broadly satirical” use.

“I think that the movie should be viewed for what it is,” he added.

“If you watch the movie and then you watch it for a while and you think, ‘Well, maybe I should watch it longer,’ I think that’s a fair use of it.”

While the movie may not be able go into theaters until May 21 because of the time zone difference between the U, S., and A.D., it could still be viewed on Netflix as of May 18.

“The Legend ContinUES” is produced by The Weinstein Company and features Brolin as a cop who gets trapped between a gang of robbers and an anti-establishment vigilante.

The producers have not said whether the use will be allowed under the UCR (Universal Copyright Act) or the fair usage clause of copyright law, which was first written in 1920.

The UCR is the federal copyright law used in the United States.

The fair use exception in copyright law allows an author or copyright owner to use copyrighted material without permission.

The Fair Use Clause of the Copyright Act provides for a copyright holder to protect their material for a limited period of time before a user can take that material and distribute it for non-profit or commercial purposes.

The use of a fair-use exception, Bueckler said, is “not necessarily a bad thing,” but the movie “Ananchorman: Legend Continuates” will have to face legal challenges over its use.

The filmmakers will also face challenges over the use in other markets as well, with some states and cities allowing fair use exceptions for movies and TV shows.

Buechlers comments about the legality of the use come as the Hollywood movie industry continues to grapple with the release of “Arrested Development,” which was set in 1980s Hollywood, with Brolin’s character being arrested and jailed in 1989 for stealing money from a local bank.

The studio also has a fight on its hands in the courts over the “Archer” movie, which is scheduled for release May 25.

The fight over “Archers” has already resulted in the release in theaters of several “Archery” episodes from the show.

Bieber, the lead actress in the movie who has been outspoken about the film, recently said she would boycott the movie unless producers agreed to change a plotline involving her character, which includes her getting a tattoo of a gun in the shape of a cross on her back.

Boeing, the company behind the movie said in a statement it does not comment on pending litigation.

“It is not possible for us to comment on ongoing litigation, and we are not in a position to comment further,” the company said.

Bucher, who also starred in the “Aniston” movie “Fame,” has previously defended the use and said the movie is a parody of “Dumb and Dumber.”

“I have always been a fan of ‘Archer’ and I always thought that the way the movie was written made it a very funny movie,” she said in the statement.

“I love that movie.

It’s a very smart, smart comedy.”

Bieger has also been outspoken on social media about the release, and said she will be watching the movie.

“They’re putting in a lot of great stuff in there,” she wrote in a tweet.

“We will be here to support them, but at the end of the day we’re gonna be here supporting the movie,” the actress added.

“Archer’s” producers also issued a statement on