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We are the only state in the country where we are only allowed to go to the state fair if you are a Virginian.

The fact that you can’t go to one of the state’s four national fairs is part of the reason the state, and the city of Milwaukee, have decided to hold the annual event on a weekend in October.

The state fair is the largest annual public event in the U.S., and its location at the state capitol is crucial to its popularity.

But the fair is also one of its least-watched events in recent years, as the majority of attendees are not Virginians, and its main draw is not the food or the live entertainment.

It is the music and art that will fill the city.

The music at the fairgrounds is a staple of any major festival in the world, and is the best in the Midwest.

But what is it that sets it apart from other events?

It is, in part, the art of music.

“The fair is where the most musicians come together to do their work, to create their art and their music,” says Julie Fink, the head of the Fair Music Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“That’s where you find the best musicians in the state of Wisconsin.”

It is a rare thing to see artists from around the world at the music festival, where the best live music in the entire country is produced.

The musical landscape is dominated by musicians from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, the UK and Germany, according to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

In addition to the musical talent at the Milwaukee event, there is also a wealth of local talent, and artists from across the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and France have contributed to the festival.

“You get artists from all over the world coming together to produce art and music that will inspire generations of people around the globe,” says Fink.

The festival attracts artists from different countries, but also from all around the United State.

For the fair, Fink says, the music has evolved from the early days of the festival when it was just a bunch of local musicians.

“We’ve had people from France come to the fair,” she says.

“There’s a great appreciation for music from around that part of Europe.

There’s also the opportunity for artists to come to Milwaukee and bring their art to the event, and that’s the beauty of the fair.”

The art that comes out of the Wisconsin music is different from that in the United Nations.

The fair is a place where artists come to get their music to the world.

The Milwaukee Art Institute, which has hosted music festivals for more than 40 years, has a collection of more than 100 pieces of art from the fair.

“I have a little piece from a performance I did here in the 1970s, which I thought was pretty cool,” Fink said.

“This is my first-ever collection of artwork from the Milwaukee State Fair.”

The artwork at the festival is often inspired by music, but not always.

“Sometimes they just come up with a different idea for the artwork and put it on the wall,” Finkle said.

Fink has seen pieces inspired by classical music come to life at the event.

“It’s interesting to see a piece like that from someone like Mozart or a piece from the ’50s or ’60s and a piece that is totally contemporary and contemporary,” she said.

But Fink and the artists she has curated at the Wisconsin state Fair are not just trying to create art for the fair to enjoy.

They are also trying to do something for the state and the fairgoers.

“They want to help the community feel like they are part of this great cultural event,” Finker said.

And for the artists, there are financial benefits as well.

The artists, as well as their families, will be able to attend the fair with the fair vendors, which include vendors that sell food and drinks.

Finks also says that there are benefits to the artists participating in the event and having the art.

“If you’re a musician and you are performing at a fair and you can bring your music to a fair, then you can make some extra money,” she explains.

“Whether you’re bringing in some friends to bring some friends in and make some money, it can really help the music community.”

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