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The Ohio State Fair has been dubbed the “world’s largest carnival” in recent years, thanks to its big, colorful and diverse fairgrounds.

But what exactly is a fair?

Read on to find out.

What are the rules of the Ohio State fair?

A fair is the most basic of fairs.

It is usually attended by over 2 million people and is held every July.

It’s a huge event, but it’s not for everyone.

The fair has a large number of rules and regulations that should make it a fair you don’t want to miss out on.

Fairgoers need to be 21 or older.

The festival is closed to pets and children.

You’ll also need to wear a costume at the fair, although not everyone will be allowed to.

Fair tickets cost $15.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (ODACS) charges $1.50 for each ticket.

It also offers a limited number of VIP tickets that are free of charge.

You can buy one for $100.

You’re also eligible for a free beer for the first 50 people you meet.

A fair has an overall seating capacity of about 1.4 million, according to the fair’s website.

Fair-goers can get a good view of the sights at the Ohio fair.

You should check out the Ohio Zoo, a state park located at the state fairgrounds that has an admission rate of $15 per person.

A $30 parking fee is included with admission.

The zoo has a pavilion for the entire fair.

It features a 3,000-square-foot pavilion with more than 150 seats and an interactive water slide.

If you’re interested in seeing the Ohio River, you’ll need to buy a pass.

The ticket costs $30.

The city of Cincinnati has a free admission for the Fair.

It has the best view of downtown Cincinnati and has an additional 2,000 people who can park there for free.

The $5 fee applies to those who have to pay for admission.

It costs $10 for adults and children, and it also has a $5 discount for seniors.

The state of Ohio also has an annual fair that features an admission price of $5 for adults, $5 adults and $5 children.

It runs July 9 through Oct. 3, with a price of just $15 for adults.

You need to purchase tickets online or through the Ohio Department for the admission.

You also need a pass for admission, so make sure to buy the tickets before you visit the fair.

The next day, you can also buy a ticket for $5 or buy one at the entrance for $10.

For those who want to take the kids, they also offer a special price for the kids’ admission.

All Ohio fairs also offer an educational program, including an education for children, the Ohio Children’s Museum, a kids’ exhibit and the Ohio Folklife Center.

You may also be able to purchase a souvenir for the children’s exhibit, the museum or the fair for $20.

You might also want to visit the Ohio National Historical Park, which features an entrance fee of $25.

There are no admission taxes for the Ohio state fair.

What’s on the fairgrounds?

At Ohio State, you may want to check out one of the many attractions that you can choose from, like the Biggest Stage, which includes live music, a food truck, a carnaval and more.

The Biggest stage is located in front of the fairhouse, where there is a huge stage where you can play any game you like.

The carnival features over 60 rides and attractions, including a zip line, a giant water slide and a giant roller coaster.

There’s also an indoor pool, which can be rented for $15 a person.

It’ll also offer free food and beverages and admission to the Ohio Lottery.

A carnival ride has you climbing over fences and stepping over obstacles.

You must be 18 or older to ride the rides.

A few rides also feature carnival games and activities, like an arcade game, a miniature golf course and more, like a bingo game and a horse race.

A bingo hall is located next to the Bigest stage.

It offers prizes of up to $1,000 and admission for $2.

The hall offers free food, drink and entertainment.

There is also an educational center that offers free tours for kids, and a museum for children.

The food truck offers food, beverages and games.

There also are free parking spots available for the fair and the fair grounds.

What else is on the Fairgrounds?

You’ll want to be able get your fill of the carnival at the Bigger Stage.

You will also want food and drink to enjoy at the carnaval, but be sure to check the fair website to find a booth close to where you’ll be visiting.

You could also take in the performances