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UberX is an alternative to Uber that allows drivers to use their smartphones and computers to book a ride in advance.

UberX driver Rohan Nanda, who works for a Sydney-based start-up called UberX, said the company was looking for a “fair fare” to get a ride from his home to a nearby hotel.

“I’m a driver and I’ve had a few friends that have gone through Uber, and they’ve all had fair fares.

I don’t have an income but I don’t think that it’s fair,” Mr Nanda said.

But it’s not just Uber drivers who have been using their smartphones to book rides.

Uber’s Sydney service has a pilot programme that allows people to use iPhones, iPads and other devices to book an UberX ride, while another app allows people in Sydney to book one-way rides through their phones.

The company has been running the UberX service in Sydney since March, and says the technology has proved to be a boon for people who want to work remotely, or for those who work in retail or service industries.

“[The UberX pilot] really shows how technology can improve the lives of so many people in the city,” Uber spokesperson Alex Rance said.

“In the next year, we expect to have about 20,000 UberX riders in Sydney.

There’s a significant number of drivers that are using their devices to get rides.”

Uber currently operates a smartphone app that allows users to book the Uber X service.

While UberX has been a success, the company has faced criticism for a number of things.

Last year, Uber was fined $1 million by the Federal Government for misleading drivers about the costs of using their phones to book UberX rides.

Uber has been fined $250,000 in the past for misleading customers about its prices.

In August last year, the Federal Court ruled UberX had breached its obligations to drivers, and fined the company $1.5 million.

Mr Nanda described UberX as a “game changer” for drivers.

He said the ride sharing company was happy to give people the option to pay by phone or computer.

It is also allowing people to book up to six rides for as little as $40.

However, the Uber service has also faced criticism from taxi drivers, who say UberX drivers are not paying enough for the rides they are getting.

A spokesman for Taxi Workers’ Union NSW, Chris Smith, said he hoped Uber would take the issue to the Australian Taxation Office.

What do you think about UberX being used to book cheap rides for the company?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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