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The fairs and fairs fairs in the Republic of Ireland are a great way to try out new food items and shops, but how do you get there?

We have rounded up the best food fairs, fairs with live music and fair events for you to enjoy in Northern England.

Read more 1/12 The Northern Irish Food Fair: 1-3pm at the Northern Irish Fairgrounds, Dublin, IrelandThe Northern Irish food fair has long been one of the highlights of the Northern Ireland food scene.

The event takes place at the Southern Irish Fair Grounds in Dublin.

It features food from around the world, including French, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Korean, with live entertainment and a chance to win a prize.

Read the full event description from the Northern Isles food fair website.

2/12 A Taste of Northern Ireland: 2-3.30pm at The Fairgrounds in the Northern Islands, County DonegalThe Northern Islands Food Fair has long held an international reputation for showcasing the best of Northern Europe and Ireland’s diverse cuisine.

The fair is organised by the Northern Island Fairs and has a great focus on food from the local islands.

Read a full description from The Northern Islands food fair.

3/12 Coney Island Food Fair – 5pm at Ballycove Farm, Co Cork, IrelandThis annual food fair brings together food lovers from all over Ireland and beyond to taste and discover the best local produce from around Ireland.

The Fair opens with a tasting and a tasting panel featuring local chefs, with the winner of each tasting taking home a prize of €20,000.

The food fair is held on the second Sunday of each month from 5pm until midnight.

4/12 Bally’s Fair, Co Donegal, IrelandBally’s is a small farm located on the shores of the bay in Co Done Gal, Ireland.

It was founded in 1893 by a young farm boy who became a millionaire after he opened his first business selling dairy products.

Since then, the family has expanded into a large estate of approximately 8,000 hectares.

Ballys fair is a perfect opportunity to taste some of the best fresh produce from the region, as well as enjoying some of Northern Irish history.

Read their full event details from Ballyscoots fair.

5/12 the Northern Farmer’s Market: 4-6pm at Dún Laoghaire Market, Co Down, IrelandLocated on the main street of the city, the Northern Farmers Market is a market with a variety of local vendors selling a wide range of goods.

The market is free to attend, but donations are needed for the running of the fair.

It is an event that will appeal to everyone, from those wanting to eat a healthy diet to those wanting a unique taste.

Read all about the Northern farmers market here.

6/12 Irish Food Week: 5-6 September 2018, Creggan’s Inn, Belfast, Northern IrelandThe Irish Food Festival is an annual festival of Irish food, celebrating the region’s heritage and food culture.

It’s one of Belfast’s most popular events, with more than 1,500 Irish food vendors, restaurants and events taking place in the city every year.

Read about all the food, craft and entertainment happening at the festival here.

7/12 Dúl Laoghain Food Fair, Donegal The Dúll Laoghare Food Fair is one of Northern’s most important events, which takes place in Donegal on the weekend of August 5-7.

It offers a great opportunity for locals to get their hands on some of Ireland’s finest produce and to experience some of Belfast city’s best local food.

Find out more about the Dúldal Láig Food Fair here.

8/12 Food Festival of Ireland: 5.30-6.30am at the Lighthouse Inn, Louth, County Down, Northern RepublicThe Lighthouse, located in the Louth and Co Louth area of County Down in Northern Republic, is one the most popular food and wine festivals in the country.

It has been a major event for the local community for over 70 years, and hosts over 200 food vendors who make up the main attraction.

Read its full event information from the Lighthouses fair website for more information.

9/12 St Patrick’s Day Food Fair at the Grosvenor House, Co Wicklow, Northern County, IrelandSt Patrick’s day is celebrated in the County of Galway and the county is home to the St Patrick´s Irish Festival.

This annual festival takes place from October to March each year, and is held in Wicklow.

Read our full article on the festival for more details.

10/12 Easter Bunny Fair – 9am to 5pm, Wicklow House, Wickliffe, County LouthThe Easter Bunny fair is an Easter celebration in Wicklicee, County of Louth.

The festival is a three-day event that takes place every year

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