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The Apple Valley fair was a huge success this year and the event’s organizers are hoping it can repeat.

The fair was held in the Apple’s new home in the Australian Capital Territory in the early hours of Sunday.

It was a massive success for the fair’s organisers, who said it drew an average of 3,000 people a day and that they were able to attract a record number of visitors.

Apple Valley Festival director Paul Kelly said it was an amazing success for its organisers and that people were coming back again for the next fair in 2019.

“We’ve had over 4,000 visitors from all over the world, including over 3,400 from Australia,” he said.

“The best part is the community support, that really helped us.”

The Apple Festival is now on track to attract another million people for the event.

Last year, it had 3,500 attendees.

The Apple Fair has become a hit with the Apple community in the past and the company’s new headquarters will be a major attraction for the community.

Paul Kelly told ABC News the Apple Fair was the perfect way to celebrate the success of the event and said the success was a result of the community’s involvement.

“Our first year, the Apple Festival was only able to get 3,200 people,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“This year, we’ve gone up to 5,000, 6,000 and 7,000.”

He said the Apple event was also being used by other tech companies, including Facebook, Uber and Microsoft.

Apple’s headquarters will feature in the future Apple is also looking to extend its footprint in the local community, with the company looking to add an Apple Park and an Apple Museum in the area.

Paul said the future of the Apple Park was being discussed with local councils, including those in the suburb of Coorparoo.

The development could be on the table as early as 2019.