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A new state fair plan to improve the experience of the Louisiana State fair, as well as to ensure fairs across the state remain a source of pride, has been unveiled by Gov.

John Bel Edwards.

The plan, announced Monday, would extend the fair’s weekend from the week of July 1 to the following weekend, as long as the fair is held at least twice a year.

The plan also calls for an additional six days at the fairgrounds for the grandstand and for the “Great Lawn,” the “Super-Golf Courses,” the pavilion and the “Fairgrounds Pavilion.”

The fair would continue to operate for six more days this year, but the plan does not include an end-of-year holiday.

The state fair will host its 67th annual fair this week, and Edwards said he was pleased that the plan would help promote the state fair.

“Our fair is the best in the nation and that’s why we are doing this, to celebrate this great institution and the state,” he said in a statement.

“As Louisiana celebrates our state and its heritage, we need to work together to make the fair as enjoyable and welcoming for all that it is and the businesses that depend on it.”

In addition to the fair, the plan calls for the expansion of the Great Lawn, the pavilions and the fairground to accommodate more seating.

The pavilion would be moved to the south side of the fair grounds, where it would be more accessible to visitors.

The pavilion, which currently seats 50,000 people, would be expanded to 80,000 and the pavillions would expand to 80 percent capacity.

The state fair is located in the beautiful Baton Rouge suburb of New Orleans.

The new plan comes a week after the state announced it would end the Louisiana Fair on June 1, the state’s 150th anniversary.

Edwards has been a vocal critic of the state of Louisiana and has made a number of visits to the state to call for a statewide fair.

He has been at the forefront of the Fair and the State Fair protests in recent years, which have become increasingly violent.

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