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The fairgrounds in Fairfield, Miss., where the Mississippi State Fair and Miss.

Fair Days take place, has been closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The fairgrounds were closed to the public on Tuesday after a worker died at the site and was found to have COVID, according to the Mississippi Bureau of Health and Hospitals.

The worker, identified as Jason D. Anderson, died of complications from the coronavectomy he received in the field.

He was 51.

Mississippi Department of Health spokeswoman Sherri Miller said on Wednesday that the state had no records of other deaths at the fairgrounds and that the county health department had no information about any other deaths.

The state fair has been operating under a state of emergency since Monday.

The fair is open every year.

The Fairgrounds, which are open daily, have been open to the general public since 1871.

The Fairgrounds were opened in 1912.