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Westfield is getting into the world of fair trade in a big way, with CEO and founder Marc Benioff telling the Guardian the company is opening its Fairtrade label in Westfield’s stores, and is partnering with an Australian retailer.

In a recent blog post, Beniof said Westfield would be launching the Fairtrade brand with retailers across Australia by the end of the year.

“It is a brand that is truly global and that is a big part of the reason why we are making this announcement today,” Beniofsaid.

“We want to be a global brand that has global reach, that has a global audience, and that’s what we are aiming for.” 

The Fairtrade logo is the companys logo and a red circle surrounded by a black border with a red outline, with the word “fair” at the top and “free” at bottom. 

The company also said that “our commitment to Fairtrade is unwavering”, adding that the brand would be used in the following ways: “fair trade food and clothing” (for “fair-trade” food and/or clothing, “free trade” is an optional term) (not for “free-trade food and clothes” as a marketing term) (not “free food and tea” as an optional marketing term; “free”, in its most generic sense, is the equivalent of “free”), (also used for “fair”-brand clothing and/and/or foods) (“free-market” is a marketing or advertising term)” (also a marketing and advertising term), (both used for the “free”-brand of goods)  (also used in a marketing context as a generic term)And that means that the company’s Fairtrade products would be available in Australia under the Fair Trade brand. 

According to the company, “Fairtrade is the term used by governments and other agencies for fair trade policies, and we want to promote fair trade to consumers and to governments.” 

Fairtrade products, according to Beniofff, will be sold in a range of markets, from food, clothing, shoes and more, with a “global reach”. 

Benioff also explained that “we want to make sure we’re giving consumers what they want,” adding that “there is a wide range of products that can be produced in a fair-trade fashion, so we want the Fairlife brand to be able to sell a range that will appeal to different regions and different tastes.” 

Benionf also said “the Fairlife brands’ logo is also a symbol of our company’s commitment to sustainable development, sustainability and social responsibility,” and that the Fairlifers brand is also “the first brand in the world to use the iconic Fairlife logo”. 

The new Fairlife branding will be available to Westfield shoppers, including its Fairlife line of shoes and other goods, from the end the first of March. 

Westfield has long been a major player in the fair trade movement, and has been in business since 1885. 

Beniof has also been active in the environmental movement and environmental issues, and was a key architect of the Westfield solar farm, which was first powered by solar energy in 1996. 

Fairworld is the first new company in the Fairworld brand since Westfield announced its intention to become a Fairtrade partner in the year 2000. 

 The brand’s current Fairlife partner is Australian clothing retailer Fairlife Australia, which will open its first Fairworld store in Sydney in April 2018. Read more Fairlife Australia is the latest in a long line of Fairlife companies, including Lululemon and The Gap, to be announced as Fairtrade partners.