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In India, a fair use is an exception to the law which allows the use of copyrighted material for a legitimate purpose.

There are three types of fair use in India: fair dealing, fair analysis, and fair use without compensation.

While most states in India allow the use for a fair purpose, there are some that do not.

For example, in Puyalluppa, India, there is a law that allows a local business to sell and use the name of the town as a sign in the shop window.

This was done by the owner, a local resident of the locality, who wanted to show his business to the visitors.

However, in his complaint, the owner did not intend to use the shop sign for any commercial purpose.

Instead, he chose to show the sign for educational purposes.

This case was argued before a local court and the judge found that the business owner’s use of the sign did not fall within the fair use exception.

This law does not protect the business owners business or use of its name.

Therefore, the business has lost its case.

Therefore the owner cannot sell the sign or the business name.

In India this case is not unique.

In the same way, the owners of a local restaurant have lost their case against the owner of a nearby restaurant for selling their names in advertising for their food.

This situation is very similar to the case in the U.S. where the owner was allowed to sell his name on the restaurant sign for commercial purposes.

It is also possible to use fair use for private or non-commercial purposes.

In some countries, such as China, this type of use is not considered fair use.

For instance, in some countries where there are strict laws on using a copyrighted work for non-profit purposes, it is not possible to claim that it was used for commercial or non profit purposes.

A few other examples include using a logo to advertise a company or a city’s name.

It should be noted that in some jurisdictions, using the name or logo of a commercial company, city, or town for non commercial purposes does not require any copyright infringement.

However in other countries, the law requires that the use be done for noncommercial purposes or fair use, depending on the circumstances.

Here are some tips to help you avoid copyright infringements in India.


Use a logo, trademark, or other creative use of a copyrighted material to promote your business.

For a company that is a sole proprietor, there should be no other use of that logo or trademark except for promotion purposes.

For non-profits, there may be a different approach.


Always refer to the original source of the copyrighted work when using your trademark or creative use.

A trademark is a registered trademark that you can use on products or services.

A creative use is a term or phrase that you use in a non-copyrightable way.

For more information on trademark protection in India, please see our article on trademark laws.


Avoid using copyrighted works for non non-proprietary purposes, such the advertising of products or the sale of goods.

For this reason, a company may not use a trademark or any creative use without the permission of the copyright holder.


If you want to sell something that is not the original work of someone, please ask for permission before using the work in any advertisement or for any promotional purposes.

If the seller is a corporation or partnership, it will need to ask permission before doing any commercial activity.


It will be important for you to pay attention to your local laws.

In most states, it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of the laws.

For that reason, it may be wise to consult an attorney or other expert before doing anything.


Use appropriate legal and other safeguards.

A fair use does not mean that you have no right to use copyrighted material in your work.

In many countries, a use of fair dealing is considered fair and it can lead to fair use exceptions in your state.

However if you are not sure of the law in your jurisdiction, please contact an attorney.

For any questions, please visit our FAQ section.

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