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Vanity Fair has teamed up with Amazon to give book lovers a new tool to find the perfect book for you.

In a move that aims to boost the value of the book industry, the magazine has partnered with Amazon in order to help book buyers make the most of the digital marketplace.

“We’re proud to announce our partnership with Amazon,” Vanity Fair CEO Matt Forney said.

“As one of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon offers us a unique opportunity to partner with them to help our readers find the best bargains online.”

Forney said that the new service will allow readers to enter the book’s ISBN and the number of copies sold, along with other information such as its availability at local bookstores and the availability of pre-orders.

“The data we get from our subscribers helps us determine which book is right for them,” Forney added.

The partnership also aims to ensure that the information is correct and that the book is available for sale in its full retail form.

Forney says the data will also be available to book buyers at the end of the month, to ensure they get the best deals.

“Booksellers across the US and Canada have been asking us for a way to better support our authors in their bookstores,” Forsey said.

Vanity Fair is also offering a special book club that will allow authors to earn up to $100,000 for each book sold in its club.

“It’s a great way to show your support and show your appreciation for the work you do,” Forrey said. 

The company is also adding more categories to its website that will help it better serve readers and creators, including the Best-Selling Books and Best-Published Books categories, to give authors the best chance to earn the best price. 

Vanity Free Press is also making some of the best-selling books available for free to all book buyers, including titles like the bestsellers, the bestselling authors, and the best non-fiction titles.

For example, the book ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Salman Rushdie will now be available for purchase for $0.99 on the website, with the purchase of the ebook, the Kindle version of the title, or the Kindle app.