Abuja International Show

The tech giant has long been a major player in the US workforce.

The company, whose headquarters are in Menlo Park, California, employs about 200,000 people and is worth about $25 billion.

It was one of the first tech companies to create the National Technology Council, an advisory group that works with Congress on technology policy.

The group is chaired by a former Apple executive and is chaired now by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who has previously served as a co-chair of the National Security Council.

But this year, the tech giant also hosted its own tech fair in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, as part of the Digital Jobs Fair, and has invited many companies to participate.

Tech workers were not invited to the fair, however.

According to the Menomonese Falls Times, the event was “the largest single-day event in the history of the digital jobs fair.”

This year’s fair was hosted by the tech company Intel and was billed as “an opportunity for the most talented and innovative companies to showcase their work.”

The fair is designed to showcase the latest innovations and innovations from those in the digital space.

It is hosted by Intel, which was recently purchased by Microsoft, and Intel and Microsoft announced a $1.8 billion investment in the event.

The fair is also a major platform for technology companies to raise capital, which could potentially help them access funding.

In 2018, the Intel Tech Summit raised more than $2 billion in venture capital and was one the most successful tech events in history.

But for some, the focus on tech has raised concerns.

According the Washington Post, the technology industry has a long history of being a “safe space” for men, particularly white men.

And some in the industry have called for a “code red” or “code blue” campaign in an effort to limit the diversity of the tech workforce.

“The diversity of our tech workforce is extremely important,” former Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told the Post in June.

“We need to have more women in tech, and we need to start with hiring people of color.

And it’s not just in the technology field, but in all industries.”

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