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The owners of Cedar Fair Park in Riverside County, Calif., are trying to boost its $500,000-a-year rent by $1,500 a month by adding a new attraction to the property.

The Cedar Fair Fair Park project, called Crescosa, was first proposed in 2009 by owner Bill and Jane Smith, who said the space could attract “creative, dynamic and engaged people.”

The plan calls for a 3,000 seat, 16,000 square foot, indoor amphitheater that would feature a stage, seating for 60 and a live entertainment venue.

It would be used for a variety of programming, including a movie theater, cafe, food court and children’s play area.

The project’s organizers have said they’re hoping to open in 2019.

But there’s a catch: Cedar Fair, like many other Crescalas in the area, has been unable to secure a permanent home, with the current owner having died.

Crescals have also had trouble securing financing.

Cresco is a three-story structure that was built in 1910, according to its Facebook page.

It was purchased in the 1980s and reopened in 2008 as a Cresca restaurant.

The building now houses several other businesses, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

In a recent interview, Cedar Fair CEO Dave Ritchie said the project would not impact its rent.

“We are committed to our tenant and to providing our tenants with the best possible environment to enjoy the experience,” he said.

“Cresca is our tenant, and we are committed not to change our tenant or change the location of Crescanas.”

Ritchie said Crescoras rent had not been increased since 2008, but that he hopes to have an announcement next month.