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The Indianapolis Colts have always been about being humble and loving their teammates.

It’s how they’ve always played.

But they’ve also always been known for their weird parents, who have been a part of their history and legacy.

If there was a chance to hire a kid from an alternate universe to run the Colts, would they be willing to do it?

The Colts have been known to hire weird parents for many years.

They hired former Cowboys quarterback Dan Fouts, who was fired by the team after a few bad games.

They also fired ex-Ravens coach Marty Schottenheimer after a number of bad games and had former Cowboys assistant Matt Rhule take over for him.

They even had an oddball assistant coach named Greg Roman who was rumored to be a former child star.

But this is the first time we’ve heard the Colts want to hire one of their own.

It’s possible the Colts will bring in someone who was actually a child when he was a player.

It might not be an obvious choice but it would be something the Colts would be willing and able to do.

It would also be a chance for a franchise that’s been in the NFL for almost 30 years to get back to the good old days of playing with its most iconic players.

So what would this look like?

Would the Colts be willing?

The team has been known as one of the NFL’s strangest teams over the years.

This could be a way to start to bring back some of those old-school fans that the team has lost over the past few years.

It also could be the perfect way to open up the Colts’ home field.

The Colts have a pretty long history of playing in Indianapolis.

They’ve played there four times and the stadium is in great shape.

This might just be the team that can take them back to that time.