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By Nick ThorpeScottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale says Labour will not sack her party after it lost a by-election in West Dunbartonshire on Thursday.

The Scottish Greens leader, Caroline Lucas, said the Scottish Government was “shocked and dismayed” by the results of the election, adding that the party will continue to “stand firm” in the interests of people in Scotland and the wider UK.

Ms Dugdale, who has been leader since 2013, was the party’s only MP at Westminster for the past two elections.

She is the first female leader of the Scottish Greens and the first woman to be elected leader of a Scottish party.

She said: “We are not going to be sacked, and we will not stand down.

We will not back down from the fight for justice for victims of human trafficking, we will be strong and united and we can still build a better world for people in our country and around the world.”

I am shocked and dismayED by the outcome of the Westminster election and will continue working hard to build the broadest and fairest society for all people and that’s why I am standing for the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament.

“Ms Dugdal said she would work hard to make sure people were “strong and united”.

She said she had “deep sympathy” for the victims of trafficking, and that her party was “a beacon for people who are abused, abused and abused”.

Ms Dugdies leader said she hoped that the result would lead to the “end of the age of impunity” for human traffickers.”

There is nothing more heart-wrenching and devastating than seeing a young child and a vulnerable child being ripped apart by a system of human traffickers and that system is not going anywhere, not with me,” she said.”

And that’s something I will be working on for the rest of my life.

“She said that if she was to be re-elected, she would do everything in her power to ensure the welfare of those children, including ensuring that their parents and siblings had “full access to the services and services that they need”.

Ms Lucas said that despite the loss of the seat, the Labour Party was “stronger than ever”.

She added: “Labour is a party that works across party lines to build a fairer society, and the only party that stands for justice is Labour.””

It is our duty to ensure that those victims of the human trafficking and abuse of the vulnerable are not forgotten and we are determined to do that.”‘

It is a huge shock’Ms Dugal said the result of the vote was “hugely disappointing”.”

I have been working for the Labour party since I was 15 years old and have never seen a loss of power like this,” she added.”

It’s really disappointing.

“I think we need to be very careful not to see this as a sign that there is a general election in Scotland.”

We are still on course for a hung parliament, and in that case we will have a full range of choices for our parties and we have to make the most of that.

“She added that she was not surprised by the result, given the party had won two seats.”

If we look at the seats that we won, we did very well in the West Dunbar seat, and I think it is going to make a huge difference if we go into the by-elections in other areas,” she told the BBC.”

So we are on course to do very well.

“The results of West Dunbartshire showed the SNP taking a significant lead over Labour, with the Greens holding all but two of the seats up for grabs.

Labour is hoping to gain at least one seat from the SNP in the seat of East Kilbride.

However, the result was a major blow to the SNP, which has struggled to gain traction in the area and was trailing the Conservatives in the polls ahead of the byelection.”

Labour is down by three seats, the SNP is down five, and it is an absolute blow for Labour,” Ms Lucas said.