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By now you’ve probably heard that the World’s Fair of Texas, one of the world-famous annual events, is being cancelled after a long campaign to bring it back.

As of today, it will no longer be a “free event” but rather a “virtual fair” for free-to-play games.

That means that while there will be a variety of games, it won’t have a cash-paywall like the World of Warcraft or League of Legends events.

Instead, you’ll be able to play the games at your own pace, as you’ll have to register at a kiosk and have a code to enter to play.

There’s also a limit of one free-play session per day, so if you have more than one person, you may have to pay to play together.

There will be no registration, and there’s no word on how many sessions you can play in one day.

The Fairgrounds of the Americas, the largest free-form fair in the world, will be replaced by a virtual version, the Louisiana State Fair, which will be the largest annual free-flowing event in the United States. 

The Texas-based Texas Interactive Group, which runs the fair, announced the news via a tweet: “In light of the recent tragic events in Baton Rouge, we are announcing a change to the Texas State Fair.

The Texas State Free-To-Play Fair will be cancelled as of July 11, 2018.”

This isn’t the first time a major national event has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

Last year, the Cleveland Browns game was canceled after less than 24 hours.

There were reports of some fans waiting in line for hours just to see the game, which was also the last time the Browns game would be played at the stadium.

In 2018, the World Series was canceled due to a lack of interest and fans wanting to see it.

Fans wanted to see that the Dodgers would win the World Championship and it turned out they didn’t.

The World of Tanks will be back, but it won “at a lower tier of the price point,” according to the organizers.

It’s unclear whether this will be an online version of the game or a mobile version of it, though.

We’ll update this story if and when we learn more.

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