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FourFourThree and FourFourFourTwo are partnering to bring you the Best of Oregon State fairs 2017.

Each week, they will rank all of the state’s fairs.

This week, we’ve put together the best pictures from the Oregon State Capital Area that are sure to leave you with a smile.

The Oregon State State Fairgrounds is the largest and most spectacular facility in the world, and the only facility that has the distinction of being the only large state fair in the United States that is open on Memorial Day weekend.

The Fairgrounds was constructed in 1911 and has been the centerpiece of the Oregonian State Fair since 1923.

Since its inception, the fair has hosted more than 1.8 million visitors and generated more than $7 billion in economic activity for the state.

This year’s edition was the first to include a new feature: a free ride for students on Saturday, March 7.

The fair also celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2019.