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Vanity Fair has announced it will no longer be selling a dress that cost $5 in a fair fair night gown.

In addition, the dress will no more be sold online.

The dress was designed by the fair’s fair-night-gown designer, Gwen Stefani, who will also be selling the dress for $3,000 at her own online shop, G.G. Stefani Dress and Gifts.

A spokeswoman for Vanity in a statement said the dress is available for sale in G.W. Stefania’s Etsy store, where the dress has a “gift” price of $3K, and in her G.P.S. Store, which sells the dress at $2,500.

The dress is an expensive item, but it’s also a beautiful dress, Stefani said in a YouTube video announcing the dress’s sale.

Stefanic’s video, which she posted Sunday night, showed her walking through the fair dressed in a gown made from a piece of fabric that has been dyed a deep red.

The gown’s price tag is $5K.

The fair has been known for a tradition of offering fair night gowns for its annual New York Fashion Week fashion show, which it hosts at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Last year, the fair released the gowns of several designers that were not at the show, including Gwen and Anna Wintour.