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The NHL has been the subject of controversy ever since its inception.

The league has been plagued by players and fans being injured and fans and players getting fined for things they didn’t do.

The NHLPA is trying to get the league to take the issues of players being injured, players being fined, and fans not getting their fair share of the revenue and revenue from the league into negotiations.

So far, nothing has come of the negotiations and the NHL is trying again.

This time around, the league is trying its best to get an expansion team to take part in the upcoming NHL expansion draft.

According to the LA Times, the NHLPA wants the team to be owned by a Canadian company.

This is a major step forward for the NHL, which has had to deal with Canadian ownership of franchises before.

The LA Times reports the NHL wants the city of Toronto to be involved in the expansion process.

Toronto has the biggest stake in the project, with the league owning 39.5 percent of the team and the team controlling 40 percent of all shares in the team.

That is in addition to the franchise owning the other 25.5 per cent.

There is no word on what percentage of the ownership of the franchise would be Canadian, but that would likely be the highest stake in Canadian ownership, given the amount of time the team has spent in the United States.

According to the NHL.com article, the plan is to have a board of directors with Toronto in charge of the project.

The board would consist of the commissioner, the GM, the head coach, the president of hockey operations, and the general manager.

The team would also be in charge for its first three years.

The proposed ownership structure is that a Canadian owner would control the majority of the teams ownership and the other two players would be owners of the other teams.

There are several other hurdles to clear before the team can be approved for expansion.

First, there has to be a majority of owners who support it.

The NFL has been in talks to bring the league’s teams to Toronto for years, and it is hoped the NHL can come to Toronto and convince the owners there to support a franchise.

The Los Angeles Kings and Carolina Hurricanes have been in discussions to come to North Carolina for a while, and even the Minnesota Wild have been rumored to be interested in moving to the state.

The NHLPA also wants to have the franchise pay for a team that would have the rights to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and to have team owners make sure that a team with that kind of ability has an identity.

The ownership group also wants the ownership group to be able to vote on the team’s direction and to approve or reject the ownership’s ownership decisions.

So far, the owners have agreed to the ownership structure.

The owners are also scheduled to meet in New York City on Wednesday to hash out the details.