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The Alabama State Farm and Fair will take place in Birmingham from July 24-30.

It will be held in conjunction with the National Association of State Fair Executives annual conference, and it’s the biggest event of the year in the state of Alabama. 

The state’s largest annual fair, the Alabama Farm and Flower Show, also will take the stage in Birmingham on July 24 and the Auburn State Fair on July 25. 

There will be some special activities during the state fair. 

On July 25, Alabama’s largest entertainment and food festival, The Huntsville Convention Center, will host a three-day festival of arts and entertainment.

The festival will include the Alabama National Opera and the Alabama Opera Orchestra, Alabama Theatre Company, and many others. 

At the Birmingham Farmers Market, people can shop, learn and enjoy the local produce and meat vendors. 

In Birmingham, there will be a parade, farmers market, and a special event on Saturday, July 28, the first day of the annual Alabama State Labor Day Parade. 

It’s also the first time in more than 100 years that the Alabama City Fairgrounds will host the state’s annual festival. 

“The state fair has been an iconic event for the state, and this year we’re excited to honor that legacy by having a special day that honors the rich heritage and traditions of the state,” said Gov.

Robert Bentley. 

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