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Fair and fair!

The Bristol Renfaire, or Bristol County Fair, has come a long way since the fairs in the 1960s.

Today, the event is a must-see, with a plethora of vendors selling everything from art and crafts to home décor.

The festival features live entertainment, food, and even a little bit of magic from the folks behind the Bristol Zoo.

But don’t take our word for it: Here are the things to know when attending the Bristol County fair.1.

The fair is free to enter2.

The baltimore zoo is free for everyone3.

The first 20,000 guests get free admission to the zoo4.

Everyone gets free entry to the fair5.

Free passes to the carnival area6.

You can enter the fair from any corner of the fairgrounds7.

If you need to get to the baltimores zoo, you can walk to the B&B from the fair7.

The B&Bs are a lot of fun and you will want to come back every year to see the carnivals.8.

If the bidders are looking for something fun to do in their area, you might want to check out the festival’s theme park.

The theme park is located in downtown baltiimore.

The park includes attractions like rides, rides, water, and more.

If it’s your first time at the fair, be sure to check it out.9.

Bring a picnic or a blanket if you want to be warm.10.

The food trucks will be around, so plan accordingly.11.

You won’t be able to buy food or take a photo at the bicentennial parade, but you can take a picture with your family or friends at the main bicentenary parade.12.

Be prepared for a long line at the carnivale13.

There are tons of vendors at the show, so don’t be surprised if you run into people you didn’t know before.14.

You’ll want to bring a water bottle and sunscreen15.

The carnival will have food vendors and vendors selling crafts, toys, and jewelry.16.

The vendors will be selling food and drinks for you to sample.17.

The water park will be running water slides, so there is a lot to see.18.

Be sure to wear sunscreen if you plan on drinking the water19.

The sound of the waterfalls is going to make your heart sing20.

The show is scheduled to end at 9:30pm, so make sure to catch all of the events that have been scheduled for the day.21.

The county fair is open during the summer months.22.

The city is open for business during the day, so if you are looking to grab some friends and family to hang out during the carnages, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that will be open.23.

The Fairgrounds is a great place to get away from the crowds and make a few family memories.24.

If all else fails, check out a different day at the county fair.

You may find yourself having a blast on a different date.

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