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By Steve Smith on 09 May 2018 03:00:30As part of our ongoing Fair Value report we’ve put together a handy infographic to help you compare software licenses, including those offered by major software vendors.

The graphic has a number of charts and graphs, and shows how software costs vary by country, industry, and the number of users it’s licensed to.

We’ve also put together the infographic for those who want to know how the fair value of a license is determined.

You can download the PDF version of the infographic here, or the HTML version here.

This graphic, while useful, does not give you a definitive idea of the value of any software, and it should only be used as a starting point for a fair value analysis.

The real value comes from an understanding of the fair values of software across different industries.

This article is part of the Software Price Index 2017, which is a weekly summary of the latest market research and commentary about software software and related technologies.

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