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Apple is unveiling its new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus on Thursday, and it will include the first-ever 3D touch gesture with a fingerprint sensor.

The 3D mark is a small, light and translucent area on the screen that enables users to make a variety of touch gestures, from tilting a phone to swiping an object with their finger.

It is not an exact replacement for Apple’s physical buttons, which are made of metal and require a very precise pressure to be pressed.

However, the ability to do the same thing with a 3D cursor makes the new iPhones a lot more usable.

It has already been confirmed that the iPhone X will include a new version of the Face ID system that will make it easier for users to unlock the phone by looking at the fingerprint sensor, but Apple has yet to confirm the same feature with the iPhone 7.

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max will be available in three colors, while the Xs Pro will be limited to black.

Apple is also offering a new edition of the iPhone 8 with a glass back that features a new display.

The new iPhone and iPhone 7 are expected to launch on September 17.

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