Abuja International Show

The fair theme comes as students from across the country and around the world are gearing up for a major science fair.

Fair organizers announced Monday that they are hosting a fair-themed competition that they hope will inspire creativity and drive innovation.

This week’s competition, called Science Fair Projects, aims to foster collaboration between science professionals, the public, and students by inviting participants to collaborate on projects and projects of their own.

“Our goal is to connect our students with innovative and creative ways to explore the scientific world, so they’re able to engage in creative projects and to create the next great thing in science,” the organizers wrote in a blog post.

“This competition will be about students, scientists, and the community.”

Students are encouraged to submit a project idea for inclusion in the contest, as well as submit videos and photos of their projects.

The fair is the first major event in the 2017-2018 school year and aims to be a celebration of the world’s science.

For the last five years, the festival has drawn thousands of participants from across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Participants will get to work in collaboration with each other, and will get the chance to create their own projects in collaboration.

The theme for this year’s contest is Science Fair Project, and it will focus on a range of science-related projects.

Fair participants are encouraged not to submit their own science-based work, but will get their work included in the competition.

They can submit a video of their work to be used in a future fair project.

The winning projects will be presented at the annual fair, and attendees will be able to see how their projects have been received and voted on by other participants.

The winners will also be able pick up prizes for their projects, such as awards and awards of a science-focused museum.

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