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Fair park dally’s fair life is a real thing, but it’s not the only fair on the planet.

Here are the five most important fairs in Australia.


Fair Park daly Fair Park Dally is one of the most famous fairs, having won a record five gold medals in Rio 2016.

It’s also the world’s largest, and the biggest of its kind in the world.


Fair Adelaide The oldest, oldest and largest of its type in the country, the Adelaide Fair was opened in 1772 and was home to the first fair of the South Australian capital, Adelaide.

It remains the largest and most prestigious fair in Australia and is the most visited of all of Australia’s fairs.


Fair Sydney Fair Sydney is one the most recognisable cities in the nation.

It was the first city to be declared a Commonwealth Capital Territory and the only city to host a major sporting event.

Fairgoers are known to flock to the city every year, and it’s famous for hosting the Sydney Cup in its annual Fair Day.


Fair Wellington The oldest and most prominent of the city’s many fairs is Wellington’s.

The Wellington Fair was the only one in New Zealand to hold the gold medal at the 1896 World’s Fair.

It has since held its annual annual fair and it is a significant part of Wellington’s culture.


Fair Darwin The oldest fair in the whole country, Darwin’s Fair was one of four to hold two gold medals at the 1936 World’s Exposition.

It is a cultural hub and is home to Australia’s first Darwin University and a host of historic sites including the Nelson River.

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