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By: Ben Swann | April 10, 2018 | 5:07:43 PMThe Texas State Festival of Lights is in full swing, and this year’s event has even more fun in store for you.

The Texas State Park Commission has unveiled a new design for the state fair’s 2018 State Fair Plan.

The theme of the new design is the “Texas State Fair.”

The park commission also says that the fair will be open to all, including seniors, disabled, and the disabled and the elderly.

This is great news for those who have been waiting to go to the fair and would like to attend.

The state fair will also have a new festival area in the fairgrounds, where the “lion” will be roaming the grounds and performing.

There are plans to have live music, a fireworks show, and a costume contest for the fairgoers.

It’s safe to say that the Texas state fair has been a huge success for the city of Dallas.

This year’s theme of “Texas” is a nod to the state’s rich history and heritage.

The theme also means that the state is the first state in the nation to hold its own State Fair.

In celebration of the state festival, the park commission has released a new theme for the 2018 Texas State fair plan.

The fair is celebrating 25 years since the state first held its annual fair, which is on May 5, 1956.

The fair is held in the state park in Dallas, and it’s the first-ever Texas State State Fair, which takes place on June 7, 2019.

It is also the first year that Texas State is not the state of Texas.

The event was originally called the Texas Star-Spangled Banner and was an annual event for Texas citizens that was meant to mark the arrival of the first Confederate troops to the United States.

The Fair was originally named the Texas Stampede and was held every year from 1903 until 1938.

The Texas state parade is scheduled to begin on May 1 at 10 a.m. and will feature floats from across the state.

The parade will begin in Arlington, Texas, and will travel along Interstate 10, which runs along the Texas River, for approximately 40 miles before it reaches the Texas Gulf Coast.

From there, the parade will take the Texas Highway 101 overpass, and then the parade route will cross the Texas Border and head back to the Texas Capitol in Austin, Texas.

The 2018 Texas state flag will be flown at half-staff on the Capitol grounds.

The flag will not be flown on the state capitol grounds, which are located at the Texas Memorial Park in Austin.

The State Fair will be held in Austin from June 7 to July 8.

The Texas Stamps will fly at half staff on the State Fairgrounds.

The first-day admission fee for the Texas parade is $10, which includes admission to the parade and admission to a state fair-style fireworks show.

The next-day fee is $15, which can include admission to both the parade as well as the fireworks show for $30.

The annual Texas State Day celebration begins June 1.

The 2017 Texas State Days are held every spring in Dallas.

The day will be celebrated with a parade that features floats from the state parks, which will be accompanied by the state flag.