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It’s been a while since the last time I saw a video game with a female protagonist.

Sure, I’ve played a lot of female-focused games in the past couple of years, and I’ve even seen games like Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher.

But as far as I’m concerned, the best of those games have been the ones where there’s a lot more diversity and representation of female characters.

They’re games that have female protagonists who are more diverse in terms of age and background, and have more diverse sexualities.

There’s definitely more diversity in games with more women in them, and it’s really good that the games that do that are taking a stand against it.

I’m glad that Ubisoft is taking a more inclusive stance in its approach to female characters in games.

This isn’t the first time that the company has made a move to try and better represent women in their games.

The company was one of the first developers to support the hashtag #NoDAPL on Twitter in the wake of the pipeline protests, and this past fall, the company even added a new feature to its mobile games, which allowed users to make their own voices heard and help make games that reflected their voices.

It was a really positive step forward for the company, and the new feature made it easier for gamers to get involved.

But it also created an even bigger issue for the women in those communities.

The inclusion of voices from those communities in a game isn’t always inclusive.

The game makers are often under the mistaken impression that it’s their responsibility to create an inclusive experience for players, when in reality, that’s a game’s responsibility to cater to them.

As a result, when a female character is presented as a main character in a video gaming game, there’s an expectation that they’ll be given more weight than a male character, regardless of their gender.

And that can create a hostile environment for a lot less than they deserve.

While I was on the fence about whether to buy a game with this female protagonist, I’m going to be honest: I found the game that Ubisoft released to be a lot better than my first choice.

I played the first episode, and for the first hour or so I was really interested in her.

I felt that she was a character that was a little more real, and that she felt like she was really important to the story, which I felt was really refreshing.

That first episode really made me realize that I should have played the game more, and not just be satisfied with just watching her, because she’s a really good person, she’s really strong.

It’s kind of a refreshing change of pace.

But I’m still not entirely satisfied with the game, because I think the game did a better job of showing the character than I had initially anticipated.

In terms of what I liked about the game overall, it wasn’t necessarily something I was a fan of.

The first episode was fun, but it was very linear, and while the second episode really pushed the story forward, it was still very much a linear story.

It kind of left me feeling a little disconnected from the story as a whole, because it didn’t really feel like there was much more to the world that I was in.

The second episode was a lot like what I expected of a more story-driven game like this.

And the ending felt a little bit abrupt, which was definitely a negative, and there were some things that felt a bit forced, like the game’s depiction of the women’s experience in the pipeline.

Overall, though, the game was pretty great.

And for the most part, I enjoyed it, because there were plenty of moments in it that were really fun.

If I had to pick just one game out of the bunch, though?

I’d pick this one.

It really does have a lot to offer, and even though it has a few flaws, I really think it’s a great example of what a female-driven video game can look like.

It doesn’t have a ton of depth or anything.

It just has a lot going for it.

The only thing that it doesn’t do well is make you feel like the player is in control of the story.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be a great experience, and you can find some really great games like this in the future.

Watch more videos like this: How to get more women into video games article It was nice to see that Ubisoft was actually doing something about it, and in the meantime, they’ve made some progress.

Earlier this year, the Ubisoft team announced that it would be making a game called Assassin’s Quest: The Quest for Glory, which would be a follow-up to its 2014 release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The idea behind this game is that it follows the life of a young boy named Ciri, who is a child in her own right.

The protagonist in this game, meanwhile, is a

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