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Oklahos Fashion Fair returns to the Fair Grounds on Sunday, September 22.

The first day of the event will be a special day, with free admission to the fairgrounds and plenty of vendors, including: the Oklahoman Fashion Center, which sells new and used clothing and accessories; a fashion boutique; and a boutique selling a wide selection of handcrafted hand-painted goods.

The fair will also feature artisans, craft vendors, artisans in residence, a craft fair with a food truck, a vendor’s market, a children’s market and a children play area. 

Oklahoma State Fair Admission Details Oklahomas state fair is open on Sunday September 22, from 10:00am – 7:00pm.

There will be many vendors and attractions in the fair grounds including: a fashion show featuring the Oklahomas finest fashion designers and designers, a food market, food trucks, a children’s show, a artisans show, an outdoor art gallery, an outdoor children’s playground, a costume contest, a fashion exhibit, and an arts and crafts show. 

There are also many catering options for those who want to try out some of the local food trucks that are available for purchase. 

For more information on the Okla fashion fair, visit the Okla State Fair website. 

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