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DALLAS – The Fair Park in Dallas Park and Ride has finally had its new name.

The park is now called the Cedar Fair Park.

It has long been the subject of a battle between park owners, the city and Cedar Fair, a nonprofit that manages the park, which opened in 1974 and was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

In April, Cedar Fair sued the city of Dallas, the Dallas County Board of Commissioners, the state of Texas, the Cedar Association and a Dallas attorney for allegedly misrepresenting the park’s real name.

Dallas city attorneys filed a lawsuit against Cedar Fair in September alleging that the park was illegally registered under a different name.

Cedar Fair has also filed lawsuits against other park owners for the same reason, said Jason Miller, a Cedar Fair attorney.

Cedar Fair also sued Dallas County in May and the state for failing to comply with its legal obligation to disclose information about the park to Cedar Fair.

“The Cedar Fair Association is the sole owner of the Cedar Park and Cedar-Fair Association will not sell, lease, transfer, or otherwise transfer ownership of the Park and is not entitled to any benefits or other benefits under the terms of the agreement,” Cedar Fair wrote in its lawsuit.

Dallas County is expected to dismiss the lawsuit.

Miller said the Cedar fair association, which is also the governing body for Cedar Fair parks in Austin and Nashville, will review the lawsuit and decide whether to appeal the district court decision.