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Fair Fare NYC is a pilot program for drivers that will make sure the most vulnerable in New York don’t get hit with a fare hike when traveling to the city from elsewhere. 

Fair Fare is designed to help people who have experienced fare hikes, such as people who are homeless or low-income, find a reliable way to pay for their fare. 

In order to qualify, applicants need to have been paying a fare for the last five years. 

For example, a driver who was previously paying $1.25 an hour for a regular subway fare will now be able to pay $1 for the fare and will have their next commute free of fare hikes. 

 The program is aimed at helping those who may be affected by fare hikes to find ways to avoid the hikes, while also offering people who need rides a way to keep their driver’s licenses intact and keep their cars registered. 

While Fair Fare will allow drivers to pay their fares in cash, it will also offer people who can’t pay their fare online the option of paying by phone or over the phone. 

It will also allow people to use credit cards or debit cards to pay at any point of their trip. 

In the end, Fair Fare aims to help reduce the cost of getting to work and stay at home, while helping people who may not be able afford to pay fares to keep going to work. 

For more information on Fair Fare, check out the Fair Fare website:  https://fairfarenyc.org/fair-fare-program/  The pilot program is set to launch in the coming months.

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