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The Fair Fight 2020 movement is pushing back on the idea that fairs don’t do much good.

They say fairs in Texas aren’t fair and that they aren’t helping to create a sense of community in Texas.

And the state fair is in jeopardy after a new report says fairs aren’t creating jobs or increasing economic activity.

The Fair Fight is a coalition of more than 60 organizations, mostly community organizations, that formed in response to a recent report from the Texas Department of Finance and Business that found that Texas’ fairs weren’t creating enough jobs.

The report said that, based on the previous year’s data, Texas fairs were generating about $20 million in revenue, but that Texas didn’t have a plan to attract more businesses and improve the quality of life.

“Our hope is that we can build momentum, and our hope is to have a conversation that is a dialogue about the economy,” said John Pascarella, executive director of the Fair Fight.

He said the report “has absolutely zero impact” on his organization, but it does show how fairs have been hit by a downturn in the economy.

Fairs in Dallas, for example, have seen their revenue decrease by 10 percent, according to the FairFight report.

Fair officials, however, say the numbers are much higher, and that Dallas was still among the best performing fairs last year.

Pascarella and the other members of the coalition say that fair organizers have been fighting the perception of fairs as places where everyone is getting a fair shot.

Fair organizers say that the perception isn’t necessarily true.

“The perception is that fair events are for the privileged and the rich,” Pascacon said.

“But we’re not.

We’re for everyone.

We want everyone to have access to quality opportunities.”

Fairs are important to many fair organizers because they create a community atmosphere and help people get to know each other, said Melissa Clements, executive vice president of the Texas Fair and Tourism Council.

But, Clements said, fair organizers need to be mindful of the impact that the fairs may have on the state’s economy and the local economy.

“We’re not just asking fair organizers to get rid of fair events,” Clements told The Associated Press.

“What we’re asking is fair organizers, ‘Are fair events contributing to the local economic health of the state?'”

The report released last month says fair organizers were already seeing signs of a decline in fair attendance.

In response, the Texas Tourism Department announced a series of changes, including cutting hours for events and eliminating some events altogether.

The Texas Fair & Food Festival, which takes place in Austin and the Dallas area annually, was eliminated in 2017.

The fairs that still exist in the state now must meet specific criteria, including the number of attendees and the number and type of vendors who must be present.

According to the report, the number one reason for the decline was the loss of fair vendors, and a lack of local businesses and businesses that serve the general public.

It also noted that there were about 7,600 more people participating in the Texas State Fair each year than there were fair vendors.

State Fair organizers say they will be looking at whether to change the fair schedule to reduce the number or type of events.

Pascatto says that could take time.

He and other Fair Fight organizers also believe the state may need to consider creating new fairs, such as the state lottery, that would offer more incentives for people to visit.

The state’s current state fair schedule, however would not include any new events, according a Fair Fight spokeswoman.

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