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By: Tim HeitmanTim HeitmannThe Pittsburgh Penguins were in the midst of their first back-to-back-to to back in franchise history, but the fans in attendance were just as jubilant as the players on the ice. 

Pittsburgh was in its first year in the American Hockey League (AHL) with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2017, and this was the first time they were on the road, which meant that the Penguins were only able to play at their own practice rink and at their practice rink only. 

“It was a good night, a great night,” Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford said after the game. 

The Penguins played a complete game, but their only goal was scored in the third period when they scored a goal that was not on net and did not have a rebound. 

Their goal was in the second period when Evgeni Malkin went on a breakaway to score, and that was the only goal the Penguins scored. 

But the fans at Heinz Field gave the Penguins a second chance to win the game, and the Penguins got their first win of the season. 

With three goals in the fourth period, the Penguins earned their first road win in the history of the NHL. 

They then scored the next two goals in overtime to win 2-1. 

It was their first victory over the St. Louis Blues in six seasons, and Rutherford was thrilled with the result. 

Heitman: Penguins win 4-1 win over St. Paul to move to 2-0-0 in the season article The Penguins are now tied for the best record in the league with a 4-0 win over the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night. 

In addition to beating the Capitals, the Pens have also won four straight games and are on pace to record their best home start since 2000-01. 

A year ago, the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Dallas Stars 6-4 at Heinzel Field to start the season in the Eastern Conference, but that was a home game against the Stars and a game against a very good Washington Capitals team. 

Now, the team is on the cusp of its second straight win at HeinZ Field. 

After the victory, Rutherford said he was proud of the team’s progress, especially with their young players. 

Hitting a home run on the first power play of the game was great for the guys and it showed the young guys on our team that we are doing everything we can to win and play our game, he said. 

 The fans were very excited, and there was an unbelievable atmosphere at Heinzers Field.

The atmosphere is fantastic and the team was playing hard,” Rutherford said.

Pittsburgh will travel to the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Thursday to face the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

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