Abuja International Show

“You want to see country music, you want to hear the greats, you have to be able to recognize the performers.

It’s a good time to be alive.”

— Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, on what to expect at the fair, in the village of Oaks County, Ohio.—The Daily Beast article “A great way to get your news from the country side of the country is the local paper, the Courier-Journal, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the home of the Cincinnati Bengals.

It has the biggest circulation in the area.”

— Cincinnati-based author and author of The Country Boy, Chris Anderson, on his new book, The Country Boys, about the Cincinnati sports team.—Associated Press article “I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of singing in the fair.”

— Joe Biden, as he makes his way through the crowd during the first day of the fair.—NPR article “The big thing with this is you have these really big, beautiful displays, and you want it to be as intimate as possible, but also as much fun as possible.

You want to get people out of their homes and see it in its true light.

And the music you want will be a part of that.”

— Mike Huckabee, to reporters, during the opening of the Country Music Hall of Fame, in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday.—AP article “It’s a great time to have an event that has nothing to do with the music or the sport.

It will be very personal to me.”

— Kentucky senator Rand Paul, during a news conference with President Donald Trump, to announce the opening night of the 2020 Kentucky Derby, at the Kentucky Derby Stadium, in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday.—CNN article “They say it’s a family affair.

That’s the most important thing.”

— Sen. John Thune, to Fox News host Megyn Kelly, on her show on Thursday, during his speech introducing the 2018 Kentucky Derby.—ABC News article “There’s nothing that can compare to a country music concert.

You’ve got country singers, you’ve got all kinds of talent and you’ve seen them perform in different parts of the world.”

— Former Kentucky Secretary of State, Steve Beshear, to the New York Times, on Thursday’s cover story, “Boswell’s Family Dies.”—Associated

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