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Here are five things you need to know about the sale of assets.1.

The government’s stake in the rail network will be sold off for €3.3 billion, which will be split equally between the state and private sectors.2.

The sale of the main state-owned rail network in Dublin will take place at a discounted price, which the government is calling €1 billion for the rail operator.3.

The state-run National Rail Corporation (NRCC) will be spun off from its current stake in Northern Ireland’s largest railway company, Irish Railways, with a stake of about €2 billion.4.

The €2.5 billion sale of a fleet of four trains from the Republic’s Southern Rail to Italy will go ahead at a €5 billion loss, with the proceeds from the sale going to the government and the Irish government.5.

The national broadband network will also be sold to private firms.6.

The private sector will be able to purchase up to three trains per year, which means it will be possible to buy up to four trains per month.7.

A €500 million loan will be made available to the Irish state-funded Northern Ireland Railways Fund, which has been under pressure from the government to raise capital to support the project.8.

The Government is also selling off €600 million of the Northern Ireland public pension scheme, the Ulster Unionist Social Credit Pension Scheme.9.

The Northern Ireland government is expected to spend up to €2 million a day to maintain the rail link between Dublin and Belfast.10.

The rail line between Belfast and Dublin will remain closed, with buses and coaches restricted to one-way journeys.11.

The new rail link will be fully operational by the end of 2019.12.

The deal will see Northern Ireland become the first part of the UK to be given a dedicated rail network for the first time.13.

The National Assembly is due to vote on the sale next week.