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CALIFORNIA — If you’re planning to attend the State Fair this weekend, you’re in for a treat.

The fairgrounds in the state capital are still open and the California State Lottery, the state’s lottery authority, says it expects a large number of people to be on hand to participate.

It will take about 40 hours to play the fair, which runs from Sunday through Tuesday.

The state’s Lottery Commission has scheduled about 1,000 people for the fair.

But the lottery is expecting some people to stop by for a break.

The agency said it expects the number of non-residents at the fair to be roughly 20 percent of the crowd.

That means that roughly 80 percent of those who visit the fair will be in the general public.

A lot of those people may not be playing, though, if the state Fair Lottery and Lottery Control Board decide to cancel the fair entirely.

The board is set to vote on Tuesday on whether to pull the plug on the state fair in its upcoming session.

If it does, the fair is likely to close down.

California has never had a state fair since it started awarding the annual jackpot in 1971, and many locals have complained about the state lottery system.

Some people say they will no longer visit the state or visit the California National Guard base near Sacramento.

The Guard was set up to handle some of the large crowds that have swelled the fairgrounds since the end of the drought.

The Fair Lotteries, the Lottery Division and the state Lottery are expected to meet in Sacramento for the vote on Monday.