Abuja International Show

I’m a sucker for Donald J. Trump.

I think he will make America Great Again.

I want the president to do what he promised, which is to protect the American Dream.

I’m not going to let a president who’s not going for what’s right to be able to do the job.

I believe that’s what Donald Trump is going to do.

I know he is going in the right direction, and I will vote for him, but he has to get it right.

I just don’t think he’s going to get that right.

This is a very simple, hard-core, hard work, patriotic, populist, conservative, anti-Washington, blue-collar, conservative-oriented president.

And if I had to make a prediction, I’d say he’s not in a good place right now.

But we can make it right by going for it.

I’ll be voting for him.