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This is the third time this year that the Premier League has faced a potential energy crisis and the Premier is trying to prevent it from becoming a full-blown energy crisis.

It will be a difficult and difficult fight for all of us, but for Premier League owners, it is an opportunity to do something positive and make a difference for the game of football in England.

This will be an opportunity for the clubs, clubs, supporters, players and fans to make a real difference and make our game more competitive and more exciting.

We need all the clubs to join forces to get energy back on track and to keep playing at our very best.

It is not just the Premier league that has an issue.

It’s all of the clubs and supporters who can make an impact.

We have to find ways to help each other in a positive way.

And we have to show the whole world what the Premier can achieve when it comes to football, to the fans, to our players, to every single person in the world.

The Premier League is not the only football club that has had an energy crisis, of course.

There is the Bundesliga, which has had the same problems, and the Serie A, which is experiencing the same issues.

But in the Premier we have some real champions, some big names, some great players.

This Premier League season is going to be special, it’s going to have to be.

And as the Premier Premier League begins its new campaign, we are going to do everything in our power to make it even better.

This is going out to our supporters, our players and all of you who have a stake in the success of the Premier.

I would like to thank all the supporters who have helped us get this far, and I would also like to congratulate everyone who is involved in our football club.

This has been a tough time for all football clubs, but it’s also been a difficult time for football clubs and all football supporters.

It has been challenging but it has been good for the Premier, it has helped us win some games and we’ve been doing great.

We are a club who, over the last 10 years, has had a lot of support and we are proud of what we’ve achieved.

We want to thank our fans, the clubs involved, all of our sponsors and the sponsors and players who have supported us.

It was a good week for football, but a tough week for the world of football, so thank you for the support, we will do all we can to make this season a great one.