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There’s no better way to show your love for the state fair than to wear a hat.

And for that, there’s a fair on the Gold Coast, which is a nod to the state’s flag and the country’s flag.

The state fair is usually held in October and November each year.

But this year, it’s also the date of the Australia Day Parade, which happens to be the day the state and federal governments are holding a national holiday.

It’s the first time in almost 40 years that the state is not in a state of full-blown national mourning, with the state sporting its usual parade colours.

What is the state of the state?

What’s going on?

Read more The state flag, the flag of the Commonwealth, is flying above the main fairgrounds, with Australia Day on the other side.

The parade is a mix of traditional floats, the kind you might find in the city or suburb, and more contemporary versions.

The floats will be decorated with colourful designs and some even have balloons on them.

But there will also be a lot of traditional and new floats, as well as some that are more modern, including the ones in the background.

The traditional floats are the same as those you might see at a traditional state fair.

They are made up of floats made of fabric, but there will be more fabric to help you stay cool.

Some of the floats will have the traditional colours and are decorated with traditional materials like gold and silver.

Other floats are new and have been designed to be more festive, with a more colourful, colourful theme.

There will be lots of traditional flags.

Some are blue, while others have been made with gold and blue colours.

The blue flag is usually flown during the week, with yellow, red, white and black flags being flown during other times.

It will be flown in a variety of colours and colours will be displayed on the floats.

The gold and platinum flags are usually flown in the morning and then during the day.

The white flag is normally flown during night time, with gold or silver flags being displayed at night.

There are also traditional flags with the flags of other states on them, such as Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

There is also a flag that is flown with a gold star on it, but that is only for special occasions, such a Christmas or Easter parade.

The Australian flag is the flag the state flies.

In Queensland, for example, it is flown at the Goldfields State Park in Brisbane.

The flag has two parts, a plain white field with a red star, and a white stripe.

Queensland’s flag is also used as a holiday flag by some states in Australia.

There have also been attempts to change the state flag since the 1930s, but no-one has managed to do it in a way that has remained in place.

The last time that the flag was changed was in 2010, when the Queensland government had to pay the cost of the changes.

When it was replaced in 2021, it became the flag that Australia celebrates on a national day.

What are the floats?

The floats are made from fabric, with fabrics used to create the floats and the colours.

There’s also a blue flag.

Some float designs have different colours on them depending on what floats they are on.

They include: the blue flag, which has the state in the centre with the Australian flag at the top of it;