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The Oregon State fair is a massive food fair with hundreds of vendors selling everything from hamburgers to hot dogs.

You can walk in and buy everything from the carnival to the fair grounds to the food trucks, and then walk out and try the food on your own.

That’s fair warning.

There’s a reason we call it the fairgrounds.

It’s huge.

It sells a lot of food.

But it’s also a safe place to eat.

Fair warning.

Oregon State Police have issued a fair warning to all those who plan to visit the fair this year.

That means you should be sure to wear a mask and follow all rules of the fair, which have been widely criticized for the unsafe conditions and food options offered.

Fair Warning #1: The fairgrounds are a public park and not a playground.

You’ll be walking through a large, public park with plenty of open spaces and lots of open grass.

It’ll be hard to walk past all the vendors and see all the food.

Fair Warnings #2 and #3: If you plan to go to the Oregon State Water Festival, the fairground is a designated camping area.

If you want to take a break from the fair for a bit, you should also take a designated canoe trip.

FairWarning #4: The water is full of bugs, so wear insect repellent.

This means you’ll want to wear insect-resistant clothing.

Fairwarning #5: It’s hot.

You should be wearing comfortable, long-sleeve, or rain-wicking clothing, especially if you’re going to be on the fair.

You’re going into a hot, humid area, so it’s important that you don’t forget to wear your protective gear.

Fair WARNING #6: The food trucks have been banned from the water festival grounds for the past two years.

That has meant that there are very few vendors that can get through the fair without getting a nasty boil on their hands.

That makes it extremely dangerous to go out in the water and try to eat food on the water.

You may have to wait a while to try out the food again, because you may have no choice but to wait for a truck to come back.

You won’t be able to walk by them, and you’ll be waiting in line for a while, which can cause a lot more stress than you’ll ever experience during the fair itself.

Fairwarnings #7 and #8: If there are any bugs in your car, it’s not safe to drive around and look for them.

You don’t want to find any bugs on the road and then come back and find that you’ve bitten yourself.

Fair warnings #9 and #10: If the fair has a hot day, it may be a good idea to get out of the car and do some walking.

You could walk for hours and not have to worry about getting a bite or a cold.

Fair warnings #11 and #12: You should wash your hands frequently and wash your mouth often before eating.

If it’s cold out and you’re feeling cold, then you’ll probably want to go swimming instead.

If the water is too hot for you to walk, you’ll need to use a hot tub.

Fair warns #13 and #14: You may be tempted to take your shoes off and wear them to the water to try and feel cool in the sun.

That is not a good way to go.

Your feet and hands should always be dry.

Fair cautionary notes: You’re not going to get a chance to taste all the delicious food on display.

We’re guessing the fair will be limited to one vendor each day, so you’ll have to try a lot to find something you like.

If there’s something you don’ want to try, you can always return to the tent and try again the next day.

And, if you decide to go the food truck route, be sure not to bring any hot food.

You might not be able take it to the tents if you don.

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