Abuja International Show

A year and a half ago, I got a job as a volunteer for King’s Fair USA, an annual summer festival held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

My job was to monitor the crowds of kids, many of them from underserved communities, who gathered to watch a science fair at the fairgrounds. 

In order to do that job, I had to work long hours in the afternoon and night. 

But my bosses at the time were extremely nice.

One day, a few weeks before I got the job, one of them told me he was going to have lunch with the king, and he was planning to invite me to dinner. 

He was going for dinner with the president, the vice president, and the secretary of state. 

The president, of course, was the king of France, so he was a big deal.

He was going on a trip to the U.K., and the vice-president was in Rome, Italy.

The secretary of State was on a visit to France.

So I was the one who was going. 

I wasn’t surprised when the president told me that he wanted to invite us to dinner at his home.

It was only a small thing, but I didn’t expect to be invited to dinner with him and his wife. 

What I was surprised by was that the first time I saw him he didn’t know who I was. 

After lunch, I was in the waiting room, and I told him who I really was, and that I was from Louisiana. 

My boss told me it was very important for me to stay clear of the president and his family.

So when he came in, he greeted me and I went in.

I was not greeted well, but he was very polite and told me I was very special, and it was his privilege to be with me. 

This was the first visit he had ever made to the king and his people. 

“Are you a member of the king’s family?” he asked me.

I said yes. 

When I asked him how the king was doing, he told me to relax.

He knew what was going through my head, and so he told his wife, the queen, the king.

He asked me what my name was, because he wanted me to tell them, too. 

They said, “He’s just one of the royal family, so it’s not important.” 

So I told them. 

There was a moment where I thought, What the heck is going on?

I was sitting at the dinner table with the queen and the king who were eating at the same table.

I asked them what my real name was and they said, I don’t know. 

That was the last time I heard from them.

They were so shocked, and they didn’t want to talk to me for two months. 

So that night, I went to the local police station to report that they had lied about my identity and that my name had been changed. 

Now, when I think back on this experience, it makes me sad.

I am a young, poor person from a very poor area of Louisiana.

I have lived here for two years now, and my parents and I had lived in this city for a long time, too, because they could afford it. 

 The police had no problem telling me my name and I was arrested and charged with a felony. 

It took me a while to make my way to court, but eventually I was able to convince the judge that my real identity was that of a child, and in addition to that, my name could not be changed.

And I was allowed to return to my family and my job, but in that time, I also was given a few years of probation, which included having to wear an electronic tag, which made it hard to keep track of what I was wearing. 

Once I had been released from jail, I started working as a waitress. 

Since I was a kid, I have been raised to be good, decent people.

I started out working at a gas station, but as I started to get into the workforce, I realized that I could do more. 

As I worked, I noticed that the jobs that I did weren’t always easy. 

At a time when the government was cutting taxes and spending, I found myself going to work as a server, and soon after that I started bartending. 

Eventually, I moved to the hospitality industry, where I was promoted to head chef. 

Working at restaurants and hotels is a really hard job.

When you are doing it for the money, and you are not getting a good salary, you get frustrated and angry.

I had that frustration, too — when I was making $20 an hour, and then when I came to work for $13 an hour. 

We have an economy that is very vulnerable to these kinds of problems.